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 Post subject: Blade & Soul: Seeds Have Blossomed
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:38 am 

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My my my look at how the seeds have blossomed. The day of judgment is upon us and on that 7th day our answers will be prophesied. Will we be able to redeem what seems as unredeemable originally to which was rightfully ours or will we be swallowed by the dark chi that our providers have left us in limbo and no BNS Gold left? Sadly we are given no answers by our GMs only a feverish delusion of what we believe is our own legacy for leading us to be our own Masters of the Golden Path. Have patience my fellow Hongmoon brothers and sisters their is always light at the end of the tunnel.

By Mushin's Divine Fist let us continue ramming further the answers not given to us by our GMs and by Jiwan's Sword cut the roots of these charlatans. Let the first one who finds the light torch and guide us like billions of fireflies in the starry night. Let he or she confirm who finds out first with passionate words of wisdom and raise your sword and scream I HAVE THE POWER! These are desperate times go and find the savior before Jinsoyun returns and takes what is ours!.... sorry had to just buying time.

If you have another character in game, go to the Character Profile of yourself and in the top right corner you can type in other character's names, so maybe try searching yours and see if maybe someone was able to take it before you tried..?
That's what I've been doing.

By all the Gods what have we done to deserve this. Do my eyes deceive me! I am at the pinnacle of disbelief. We have waited what seemed to be an eternity only to be spat on and to make matters worse they think that we are fine with it. This must be a temporary solution for a long drawn out process to stall the masses from being furious. Why didn't they warn people that it would be a one year wait!!! I think that's something to let people be aware about, don't you think!. WARNING WARNING by accepting to change your name their will be a wait time of one year..... are you sure you want to wait one year?

If you would really like to change your name and wait one year sign this agreement......sorry you must check the box to complete name change request......please type in Change Name in the inserted box below....thank you you will now have to wait until one year from now till you claim your name back let the Gods be with you because the GMs sure as hell aren't getting Blade And Soul Power leveling. Okay okay listen... truth is I care a lot about the GMs they try their damn hardest and put up with so much that a lot fail to acknowledge and I respect that. But their are limits and this one is crossing that limit. This needs to be changed.

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